Advantages of multipurpose river valley projects

Advantages of River Valley Projects Multi-purpose river valley projects prove to be beneficial for all of us. Least Flood Control Benefit: On the one hand, canals were made to connect Beas River with the river Sutlej.

Multi-purpose river valley projects have dams built on rivers. Such projects can create a favourable climate for the development of industry by offering the facilities like cheaper power, better water transport, availability of raw materials at cheaper rates for agro-based industries etc.

It is one of the largest networks of canal system. It enters Orissa from the highland of Naraj.

What are the advantages of multipurpose river valley projects?

Considering these negative sides, Dr. But the management of minor projects has resulted in maximum use of water resources and better control. This feeble, apparently small river, debouches from Nepal Himalaya, increasing in vigour and intensity rapidly during the rainy season.

The catchment areas of these dams are now thoroughly afforested. Both the projects were developed in Uttar Pradesh. The Nagarjun Sagar Project It is being built by the Gujarat Government.

Essay - River Valley Projects in India

The major reason which can be held responsible for such paradox is that there are persistent delays in the commissioning of the hydro-power projects in India, which, in turn, lead to prolonged gestation period. This… stored water are then used for generating hydro-electricity ,afforestation,control floods, navigation etc.

Multipurpose river valley project. Further upstream, where the silt deposits have not yet become a problem, there's another problem.

But, in practice, it is not cheap. Some of the dams have failed to control floods during excessive rainfall. Multipurpose river valley projects affect environment as they lead to the displacement of human, plants, animals, chiefly from small tribal communities; disrupt downstream fis…heries; increase the risk of earthquakes; submerge forest land; increase the spread of insect-borne diseases; and threaten the fragile regional ecosystem through reducing, the flow of water from the rivers into the seas.

Agricultural needs to play second fiddle to urban users — A serious problem is that the benefits of hydro-power are mostly available to industry and to urban areas, as a result, the agricultural needs are ignored. Multipurpose river valley project have been developed all over the world to utilize water.

Damodar Valley Project 2. Power gained from running or falling water is known as Hydel Power or Hydro-electricity. Hence minor irrigation, particularly through the use of ground water, must be the mainstay for all future places.

Iron ore deposits of India are also found in its vicinity. After construction, Bhakra became one of the highest dam in the world. In spite of its achievements, the multi-purpose projects in India are subjected to the following controversies. Therefore, river valley projects can said to be a great step towards development aimed at various beneficial objectives on a state as well as central levels.

Although these projects yield an assortment of environmental and economic benefits, the construction of massive dams also pose numerous problems for small towns and villages. Multi-purpose projects can also facilitate to develop recreation facilities in the form of picnic resorts, holiday resorts etc.

They also help in checking floods and safeguarding soils. Moreover, by developing agriculture, industry and infrastructural services, these projects can generate adequate volume of employment opportunities in the farm and non-farm sector.

The principal object of this project was to control the annual flood, followed, by power generation and irrigation to the neglected Saharsa and Purnea districts.

The heavy investment on major and medium irrigation projects have shown good results. It has a length of metres with 21 kilometres long dykes on both sides of the river. Though these projects are classified as multi-purpose projects, in reality these are mainly irrigation projects.

Multi-purpose projects commissioned in India has already derived impressive results in respect of creation of irrigation potential and also in the generation of hydroelectric power.

By the canals had started irrigating 3. The former is located at Garhwal district and the other is situated at Jhansi district. Manifold construction work was undertaken to fulfil the objectives.

To meet the growing demand of electricity, particularly in the agricultural fields of Punjab and Haryana, hydel power plants were created at places like Dehar, and Beas dam at Pong.

Multipurpose river valley projects frequently furnish for inland water navigation, by central rivers and canals. It is the cheapest way of 0% transport for bulky goods. Disadvantages of River Valley Projects. Multipurpose river valley projects: Retrospection is needed April 15, - Enviroment, Latest, Life & Society, Miscellaneous, Opinions, Politics & Administration - Tagged: Multipurpose river valley projects, Multipurpose river valley projects in India, Pros and cons of Multipurpose river valley projects, River projects in India - 1.

Multi-purpose river valley projects have dams built on rivers. The water blocked is used for domestic purposes, irrigation, industries, navigation and to generate hydroelectric power.

Above all, these projects help in preventing soil erosion and floods. Damodar Valley Project is a joint venture of. Multi -purpose River Valley Projects And Integrated Water Resources Management Our ancient religious texts and epics give a good insight into the water storage and conservation systems that prevailed in those days.

Grand Anicut built by Karikala Chola in 2 We are continuing this tradition by constructing dams on most our rivers. A river valley multipurpose project is a project which covers thedevelopment of dam on a sufficiently large river extended over alarge geographical area.

Multipurpose river valley projects reduce the threat of seasonal floods and bolster local economies. The projects aim to integrate agricultural development with the .

Advantages of multipurpose river valley projects
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